Hot and Cold Dual-use Brass Shower Hydrovalve


1. The main body of the faucet is made of brass material, which is not easy to be broken and used for a long time.
2. Ceramic valve core, not easy to drip.
3. Water temperature control, cold water and hot water are optional, bringing convenience and comfort to life.
4. The surface is polished and plated, which is rich in texture, not easy to scratch, not easy to corrode and not easy to rust.
5. Universal 4-point interface for most hoses and fittings with a diameter of 20mm.

1. Faucet material: brass.
2. Faucet spool: ceramic spool.
3. Mounting hole distance: 135-165mm.
4. Installation method: wall-mounted.
5. Suitable temperature: 0-90 degrees Celsius.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.81kgs / 1.79lb
Qty per Carton 27
Carton Weight 23.90kgs / 52.69lb
Carton Size 38cm * 38cm * 47cm / 14.96inch * 14.96inch * 18.5inch
Loading Container 20GP: 392 cartons * 27 pcs = 10584 pcs
40HQ: 912 cartons * 27 pcs = 24624 pcs