HAWEEL Flexible Solar Panel 12W Power Backpack Laptop Bag with Handle and USB Charging Port(Black)


1. Large capacity and multiple sections, good for laptops, tablets, magazines, books and etc.
2. Comfortable handle, less pressure on your arm while holding
3. Adjustable shoulder straps, good for different needs
4. High density fabric, tear-resistant, wear-resistant and durable
5. External USB charging port, simply connect the powerbank (not included) from inside and charge your mobile devices
6. External solar power board, USB output, charge your phone and tablet while the sun is shining
7. Solar power panels use MiaSole FLEX CIGS solar cells, which are much more efficient than ordinary solar cells.
8. Max Power: 12W
9. Output voltage/current: 5V/2.1A(Max)

Material Polyester, Nylon, PU
Product Size 43x30x15cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.21kgs / 2.67lb
Qty per Carton 8
Carton Weight 11.05kgs / 24.36lb
Carton Size 90cm * 36cm * 50cm / 35.43inch * 14.17inch * 19.69inch
Loading Container 20GP: 164 cartons * 8 pcs = 1312 pcs
40HQ: 382 cartons * 8 pcs = 3056 pcs